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A computer scientist, a victim of a brutal gang rape, vows to find and kill her perpetrators using her Computer skills and sets out to wreak revenge on other sexual predators while her police husband investigates the brutal murders.

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Description: Vibhi is a brilliant computer scientist with a dark past. After surviving a brutal gang rape, she becomes a vigilante, using her hacking skills to find and eliminate sexual predators. She is complex, intelligent, and driven by a thirst for justice. Seeking an actress in her 30s who can portray a wide range of emotions, from vulnerability to fierce determination.
Requirements: Experience in intense dramatic roles, comfort with action-oriented scenes, and the ability to convey depth and complexity.

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Casting Call

All applicants must be available for the shooting schedule in Mumbai at the end of May, 2024.
Previous acting experience is required.
Selected candidates will be invited for virtual screen tests.

Casting Call Details

How to Apply?

Email: Please send your resume, headshots, and a brief introduction video (no longer than 2 minutes) to [talent@tossingtales.com].
Subject Line: “Casting Call – [Vibhi] – Ctrl Alt Del”
Deadline: Applications must be received by May 20, 2024.